Hello there! If you are new to my site, my name is Pett but feel free to call me Mommy Pett. I created this site because being an introvert, the cyberspace is my only outlet to the outside world. If you are a regular visitor, thank you so much. I appreciate every one of you being here.  Currently, I am into social media graphic designing (you know, just the simple ones for my FB pages), journaling and creative planning. We have a little garden at home but I am not really hands-on in taking care of it...although I am interested to try gardening one of these days. Now that my only son is already 7 years old, I am finally a graduate of non-stop mommy duties. Most of the time, I just let my son, Popoy, be himself. He has so many kinds of stuff to be busy at home. We have pet dogs and a rabbit that he feeds and play with every day. My family and I allow him to use a cellphone on a schedule-basis and whenever he's "offline", his go-to area would be his art corner. He loves to draw and put stories on each drawing. He is very creative and has a wide imagination. I can already tell as early as now that he's gonna be a good artist one day.


A mommy blogger based in Cagayan de Oro City. 

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